Pay Your Zakat Now

“Those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah, then do not make their spending followed by boasting about favor, or with causing hurt, they have their reward with their Lord and there is no fear for them nor shall they grieve.”
{Quran 2:262}

Zakat is an obligatory charity incumbent upon every Muslim who is able to pay it. Zakat may be spent on helping those in need and in the path of Allah. This includes causes such as the development and maintenance of Muslim services. This year, consider donating your Zakat to Iqra Islamic School. You can share part or all of your Zakat with Iqra Islamic School through e-transfer.

Using an e-transfer through your banking institution is the most secure, easy, and cost-effective way of paying your Zakat. If you would like to make a payment to Iqra Islamic School using an e-transfer, please be sure to do the following:

  • Direct the transfer to
  • Be sure to include your namemailing addressphone number, and amount transferred in the e-transfer note.

Indicate in the memo that this payment is for Zakat
Please submit your payment at Iqra Islamic School’s front office, or call 604-583-7530 for more information.