Vision & Mission


Since its inception, Iqra Islamic School has lived by one mission.

To Provide Quality Education & Personal Excellence

Achieving this mission requires us to:

  • Provide quality educational programs that integrate academic, Islamic, and Arabic studies.
  • Promote excellent personal manners, high moral values, and strong leadership skills.
  • Prepare students to become good citizens and contributing members of society.
  • Empower students to seek and succeed in post-secondary education.
    Guide students to develop life skills and interests.


The central goal of Iqra Islamic School is the formation of Muslim character as described in the following statement:

A Muslim pursues spiritual goals through all his/her worldly endeavors. His/her behavior embodies and reflects Islamic morals and values. The pursuit of knowledge is among a Muslim’s highest priorities, and a spirit of inquiry is the prerequisite. Faith and action work together to lead a Muslim toward higher knowledge and progress, sound individual life choices, and service to society.

The school seeks to develop in our students the values which define a Muslim: honesty, compassion, respect for self and others, pride in work, a commitment to justice, and acceptance of differences.