Aida Lamzi

Info-Tech & Arabic Teacher

Mrs. Aida Lamzi received her Bachelor’s degree in computer and electronic engineering (1994, Libya). She worked at BC Muslim School and Vancouver Saudi learning centre before coming to Iqra. Aida likes traveling, playing, walking, and biking with her two children; she loves spending time with her family. She also enjoys teaching IT at Iqra Islamic School.

Amer AlBashir

Islamic Studies Teacher

Mr. Al-Bashir joined Iqra in 2001 as an Islamic Studies and Arabic teacher. He is currently teaching Islamic Studies from grade 4 to grade 8. Other than his passion for teaching, Mr. Al-Bashir enjoys reading, walking and spending time with his family and friends.

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Ana Candido

Grade 4 Teacher

Ms. Candido has her Bachelors of Education from Simon Fraser University. She lived in Japan for three years teaching English as a Foreign Language. While in Japan she was inspired to travel and learn about many countries. Her most memorable places were Tibet and India, where she fell in love with the food and the cultures. Ms. Candido returned to Canada in 2009 after living in Mexico for eight years. She joined Iqra in 2009, where she has taught grade two for three years and currently she is teaching grade four. Ms. Candido enjoys crossfit, running and Tough Mudder. She lets her students know that she believes they can be successful. Ms. Candido has high expectations of her students and she is confident they have what it takes to meet them.

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Arwa Abbas

Arabic & Islamic Studies teacher

Mrs. Arwa Abbas has recently joined our school as an Arabic and Islamic Studies teacher. Arwa received her Bachelor’s degree in the Arabic language and Comparative Literature from the Lebanese University – Lebanon. She possesses a very remarkable teaching experience and strategies both in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Arwa has acquired vast experience in teaching in various countries including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Most importantly, Arwa loves dealing with children and engages creatively them in the learning process of the Arabic language and Islamic Studies.

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Finnie Quan

Grade 2 Teacher

Ms. Quan was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Vancouver. She obtained a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia, and majored in Primary Education. She lives with her husband and son in Burnaby. Ms. Quan has been teaching Grade one at Iqra for many years. This year, she is enjoying for new position as Grade Two Teacher. Before coming to Iqra, she worked with children in a daycare, learning center, and day camps. Her favorite activities are jogging, playing tennis, and going to aerobics class every week.


Gyani Tailor

Grade 5 Teacher

Mrs. Tailor was born in Suva, Fiji and moved to Canada when she was in 6th grade. She received her Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University. Mrs. Tailor has taught grades 4 and 5 in her previous years at Iqra Islamic School but currently she is teaching grade 5. Mrs. Tailor is very passionate about teaching and hopes to provide her students with a learning environment in which her students can grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. Mrs. Tailor lives with her husband and two daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys scrapbooking, reading (especially about history) and travelling with her family.



Janet Lam


Janet Lam is an intermediate Math teacher at Iqra School. She came from Hong Kong in 1997 and now lives in Vancouver with her husband, a son and a daughter. She has been teaching for many years since graduating from the College of Education in Hong Kong. Iqra School is the second school that she has taught at in Canada. All the five schools that she has taught at were religious schools; Christian, Catholic or Islamic, but she has still not decided on a religion up till now!

Lynn Power

KG Div. 1 Teacher

A former youth counselor for 10 years, Lynn returned to school and earned her B.Ed. in 2000 from York University, Toronto. She has taught from Gr. 4-7 and has been teaching KG here at Iqra School for 3 years. Lynn enjoys long distance running and has completed many half-marathons and one full marathon.

Mabruka Yip

Grade 3 Teacher

Sister Mabruka is a graduate of U.B.C. in Education. Her journey in education began at B.C. Muslim School where she taught kindergarten. She took some time off to spend with her children and resumed teaching at Iqra Islamic School in 2000. She has taught kindergarten, Grades two, three, six, and seven. She is proud to be a part of the school community and continues to enjoy the improvements and ongoing changes at the school. She looks forward to inspiring students and contributing to their success.


Magda Quci

Arabic & Islamic Studies Program

For the last few years Ms. Quci has been contributing to improving the Arabic and Islamic Studies program at Iqra School. She has been with the Iqra family for the last six years.


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Mehwish Siddiqui

Grade 1 Teacher

Ms. Siddiqui finished her Bachelor of Environmental Studies (2009) and Bachelor of Education (2010) from York University in Ontario. She has been teaching for four years. She taught Grade.3 for two years in Ontario. Ms. Siddiqui joined Iqra Islamic School in 2012, and has been teaching Grade.1. She enjoys reading, traveling, learning about different cultures and spending time with her family and friends.


Randa EL-Khatib

Grade 7 Teacher

Sr. Randa El-Khatib joined Iqra Islamic School 5 years ago as the Gr. 6 Homeroom teacher but currently, teaching Gr. 7 for the second year. She has BA in English Language Arts and Literature and a diploma in Education. She is originally from Egypt. Sr. Randa has been teaching intermediate and middle school for 25+ years around the world. Her voyage as a teacher started in Egypt then USA, Canada, UAE and finally back to Canada.


Sr. Randa lives with her husband, mom, son and daughter in law in Richmond. She enjoys travelling, reading, walking and going to the gym at 6 AM on weekdays. She also enjoys very much her relationship with her students, not only as teacher, but also as a mentor, advisor and a friend.

Saman Waheed

Grade 4 Teacher

Mrs. Waheed graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Karachi University, Pakistan and was the grade 6 class teacher at the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Karachi. She moved to Vancouver in 1997 with her family. Mrs. Waheed then completed her B.A. and B.Ed degrees from the University of British Columbia. During her practicum she taught grade 7 students at Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith Elementary School, Vancouver.


She has been teaching at Iqra since 2007 and is currently the grade 4 teacher. Grade 4 has been exciting for Mrs. Waheed as she has been fortunate enough to see her former grade 1 students blossom into responsible Grade 4 Intermediate students!

Mrs. Waheed enjoys spending her weekends with her daughters Aiza and Zeina. They are both studying at UBC. Mrs. Waheed aspires to pique her students’ curiosity through scientific experiments and motivate them to reach their full potential, as they are our bright future.

Saniya Uraizee

Grade 5 Teacher

Ms. Uraizee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in English literature from UBC in 2012. She went on to obtain her Bachelor of Education degree (also from UBC) in 2013. During her practicum, she taught grade 7 students at Walter Moberly Elementary School in Vancouver. For her enhanced practicum, Ms. Uraizee had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and gain some valuable experience with the education system there. She recently joined Iqra School in November, 2013 and is currently the grade 5 teacher. Ms. Uraizee strives to create a collaborative learning environment in which all students are engaged and their curiosities and interests cultivated. She strongly believes that making personal connections with her students helps empower them. Other than her passion for teaching, Ms. Uraizee enjoys working with new technology, reading, photography and playing tennis and badminton. Ms. Uraizee’s journey as a teacher at Iqra has only begun but she is excited to learn, grow and evolve from the experiences that she will have here.


Zeba Chaudhry

Kindergarten Teacher

Zeba Chaudhry was born in Vancouver, Canada. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia, double majoring in English literature and Psychology. She then acquired a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia, which specialized in teaching English language learners. Ms. Chaudhry is very excited to teach Kindergarten this year at Iqra Islamic School. She hopes to instill a love of learning in her students. Ms. Chaudhry strives hard to make a personal connection with each of her students and help them reach their highest potential. She believes that each child brings their own special unique perspective into the classroom. Ms. Chaudhry emphasizes respect and integrity in her classroom. She strives to incorporate Islam and Islamic values into her teaching and hopes to nurture a love of Islam in her students. Her favorite activities are reading, photography, teaching kindergarten, spending time with her family, learning about Islam and playing soccer.