Islamic Integrationg

The Content

At all ages, students of Iqra Islamic School are pushed to reflect on the impact of what they have learned with their faith in mind. This includes reflecting on the ethical, spiritual, physical, and socio-political impact of their newly acquired knowledge, and how it can make them a better Muslim.

The Classroom

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) taught our ummah of the varying degrees of worship, with ihsan being the highest. Ihsan is “to worship Allah as if you see him”. To worship Allah with Ihsan is to perfect your worship. Iqra Islamic School approaches all learning, across all subjects, with Ihsan as an objective. That means that students are taught to approach learning itself as an act of worship, with sincerity, mastery, and perfection of any task as a central goal of any act of worship.

The Nafs

The nafs (inner self) of the 21st century Muslim are continuously bombarded by inappropriate content. The advancements in digital media and content creation have made children even more vulnerable both in and out of their homes. In the spirit of ‘الامر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر ‘ (promotion of good and forbiddance of evil) Iqra Islamic school strives to create an environment that is free from inappropriate content. Similarly, Iqra Islamic School is an environment wherein Islamic beliefs, practices, and principles are praised and promoted, giving each nafs the opportunity to cultivate in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Community

Iqra Islamic School exists proudly exists, both physically and emotionally, in the context of the broader community. In the most immediate sense, we are an established and recognizable landmark in the Ellendale suburb of Surrey. More broadly, Iqra Islamic School is one of the most important Islamic institutions in British Columbia. The teachers and administrators of Iqra Islamic School are ceaseless in their effort to remind students of the important role they play in the community as ambassadors of both the school and – more importantly – the faith itself.