Foundational Learning

A good foundation of skills is essential for academic and professional success. More and more research is showing that academic challenges at the secondary and post-secondary levels often stem from unaddressed gaps in foundational skills.

Iqra Islamic School has implemented a rigorous program to ensure that foundational aspects of learning – such as computation, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and oral and written expression – are worked on daily. There are two parts of the Iqra program worth highlighting:

  • Daily Morning Review (DMR) – Each and every class from grades are given a daily morning review in order to assess their skills and address any gaps in their learning. This also gives instructors the opportunity to identify areas of concern in the students learning.
  • Lesson Targets – Children of every generation have infamously asked their teachers and parents ‘why do I have to learn this?’. We believe that it is the right of our students to know the focus of each lesson, and its purpose. Each lesson begins with a teacher declaring the target (or focus) of the lesson. This, in turn, gives students a better understanding of not just what they are learning, but why.