Since it’s inception in 1998, Iqra Islamic School has been committed to serving the Muslim community by providing quality education in a safe Islamic environment for our children. Hundreds of young Muslims have graduated from Iqra and formed the foundation of their lives built on the principles of Islamic faith, good citizenry, and respect for education, knowledge, and learning.

Iqra Islamic School is a non-profit organization and has always kept very good balance between providing affordable Islamic education for our community while maintaining the highest standard of learning for our students. Our rates are consistently among the lowest in BC, particularly when compared with other schools of our rank.


Ali Mihirig

Dr. Ali Mihirig, Chair
Iqra Islamic School Board

Application: 200 one time, Non-Refundable per student (Required with the application form)

Registration: 1000 one time, Non-Refundable per new family. Due upon receiving the letter of acceptance.


Tuition (KG – Grade 7) Per Child Monthly Yearly
First Child $400 $400 $3,800
Second Children $360 $760 $7,220
Third Children $340 $1100 $10,450
Fourth Children $300 $1400 $13,300
Fifth Children $280 $1680 $15,960


Grade Level Annually
Kindergarten Books $100
Grades 1-3 Books $150
Grades 4-6 Books $160
Grades 7 Books $200
KG-Grade 7 Technology Fee $100

(A 5% discount is applied to full year payments ONLY, all amounts in CAD)

Please note: Registration forms will not be complete without the payment of a $200.00 non-refundable registration fee. Furthermore, a one-time $1000 non-refundable payment must be made before the start of your (first or only) child’s first year at Iqra Islamic School.

Iqra Islamic School is now accepting e-transfers for tuition and fees. Using an e-transfer through your banking institution is the most secure, easy, and cost-effective way of making payments. If you would like to make a payment to Iqra Islamic School using an e-transfer, please be sure to do the following: 

  • Direct the transfer to pay@iqraschool.com
  • Include your child’s name in the e-transfer memo

We also accept checks, debit and credit card payments. For more information please contact Iqra Islamic School at 604-583-7530.