Q. What is the Emergency School Closure Procedure?

A. Emergency School Closure Procedure.
Severe weather or other emergent situations such as loss of hydro power, interrupted water supply or heating system breakdown may force school closure.

A decision to close the school is made by the principal. Every effort will be made to make decision around 6:30 a.m. A soon as a decision is made, it will be broadcast over local radio stations as early as possible.

CKNW 980 AM or www.cknw.com

News 1130 AM or www.news1130.com

IQRA school closure information may also be broadcast on the CTV station. Whenever possible, the school will post such information on its website at www.iqraschool.ca

1. When is the starting date for registration?

There is no specific date for registration.

2. How can I obtain an application?

You can download and fill out an application form from the admission section Application Package» and email, fax or mail to the admission office call us ».

3. What is the right age to start Kindergarten?

Five years old

4. Do you have pre-Kindergarten?

No we do not have a pre-Kindergarten grade.

5. Do you have a deadline for registration?

No we do not have a deadline for registration. Admission applications to IQRA Islamic School are invited throughout the year.

6. Do you have a deadline for re-registration?

Yes the deadline for re-registration is March 15th of each school year.

7. What are the required documents to register a child?

To register your child you will need the following

 1 Registration form
 2 Birth Certificate (if the child is born in Canada )
 3 Immigration paper/Citizen Card/Refugee Status (if the child is born outside Canada )
 4 Legal Residency of Parents (Appendix A or B)
 5 Copy of Legal Canadian Status of Parents
 6 B.C. Care Card
 7 Last School Report Card
 8 Vaccination Record (Immunization)
 9 Recent Photograph

8. If my child is on the waiting list when do I expect the school to contact me?

If space becomes available during the school year the admission office will contact you to arrange an assessment test for your child. If a space becomes available for the following school year the admission office will contact you by the end of April to arrange an assessment test.

9. When do I need to pay registering fee?

Registration fee is not required before the assessment test.

10. Can I register my child over the phone?

Sorry you cannot register your child over the phone. You need to fill out an application form.

11. If I register my child today does this mean that he/she is enrolled?

Registration is only the first part of the admission process. Your child needs to write the assessment test before he/she is enrolled.

12. Do you have transportation service?

Yes we have school buses with a route to New Westminster , Burnaby , Vancouver and Surrey . Please call the school to inquire if bus service is available in your area.

13. Up to what grade is Iqra Islamic School?

Iqra Islamic School is from Kindergarten to grade eight.

14. Which curriculum do you follow?

Iqra Islamic School is certified by British Columbia Ministry of Education and follows the ministry’s curriculum in addition to Arabic and Islamic studies.