Academic Philosophy

Iqra Islamic School offers a comprehensive educational package which encompasses all academic subjects including language arts, math, social studies, and science. Furthermore, the curriculum is rounded out by physical education, art, career education, and information technology programs. Our aim is to ensure that students are enriched as well as challenged by the program offerings. The New BC Curriculum has motivated the Iqra team to think critically about how we must integrate essential aspects of learning.

Such as:

  • Creative and Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Social Responsibility/Awareness
  • Team work

Essential to the academic experience at Iqra Islamic School is an understanding of the way our newly acquired knowledge can be used to the betterment of our faith.

Therefore, all knowledge at Iqra Islamic School must be acquired while considering:

  • The affirmation of Allah’s existence
  • A better understanding of Allah and his relationship with his creation
  • An appreciation for the Messenger (saw), his life, and his companions (r.a)
  • A better understanding of the revealed knowledge

Academic Competition

Iqra Islamic School hosts several annual academic competitions. These competitions reward hard work, diligence, and academic excellence. For our winners, we encourage them to reflect on the blessings that Allah (saw) has bestowed upon them, and to consider how Allah (saw) has helped them each these accomplishments. For those who did not reach their goals, we ask that they take that opportunity to learn from their experience and consider what adjustments they can make next time.

Some of These Academic Competitions Include:

  • Science Fair (Gr 4 – 7)
  • Mathathon (Gr1 – 7)
  • Spellathon (Gr1 – 7)
  • Debate Competition (Gr 6 – 7)
  • Trivia (Gr 4 – 5)